Financial Accounting Diploma (ICB)

Part Time

The ICB Diploma in Financial Accounting is an advanced programme for learners who have already completed the National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting NQF L5.

On completion of this NQF Level 6 qualification, learners will be able to compile annual financial statements; sign off annual financial statements for close corporations; work closely with a Chartered Certified Accountant and Registered Auditor; and have a thorough knowledge of accounting theory and practice, corporate strategy and regulatory frameworks.

The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) is a professional body that offers a range of internationally-recognised qualifications in bookkeeping, accounting and financial management. These qualifications are structured in progressive levels, allowing you to complete more advanced qualifications in your own time, and as you gain experience and expertise.

Career Opportunities

On successful completion, you will be able to gain entry into a wide variety of positions including:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Accounting Officer
  • Tax Practitioner
  • Tax Consultant
  • Management Accountant
  • Assistant Manager
Course Outline


Corporate Strategy
• Introduction to Strategic Management • Strategic management methodologies • Context of strategic decisions • Corporate strategy selection • Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation

Management Accounting and Control Systems
• Activity-based costing • Cost classification, estimation and behaviour • Cost-Volume-Profit analysis • Linear programming • Standard costing and relevant costs • Expected value theory and decision trees • Pricing policy and transfer pricing • Budgeting • Divisional performance evaluation

Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the IASB Framework • IAS Standards • Consolidated financial statements • Financial Reporting requirement of the Companies Act, 2008

Accounting Theory and Practice (Research Assignment only)
• Accounting research • Identify and articulate the problem or issue • Formulate research objectives • Select relevant theories, concepts and models to provide a theoretical framework for analysing a research study • Analyse and interpret findings • Draw conclusions and make recommendations

Accreditation and Certification

On successful completion of each module, you will receive an ICB Results Letter for that subject outlining the unit standards covered and the competencies achieved. 

Once all modules have been successfully completed, the ICB will apply to FASSET on the learner’s behalf to award the National Diploma: Financial Accounting (SAQA ID 20366 NQF L6).

Successful learners can apply to the ICB to register for the professional designation Certified Financial Accountant – CFAIcb(SA) and receive the applicable membership benefits.

Entrance Requirements

National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting NQF L5 or equivalent

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