Working smart in Matric


Your matric year should be the most magical – you can easily ace those final exams and at the same time keep your social life alive if you work smart!

Here are our top tips…

  • How long should I study? If you study for shorter periods of time more often, you retain the information for longer
  • Don’t cram EVER – start studying 3 weeks before your exam. By leaving things till the last minute, you raise your stress levels, which doesn’t help you to focus.
  • Notes, notes and more notes – Set aside time to consolidate your notes on a weekly basis.
  • Understanding is key – make sure you understand the work, don’t just memorize it. Can you put what you have read into your own words? The minute you don’t understand, ask for help.
  • Concentrate in class – if you do this you are halfway there
  • Learn from mistakes made in tests and exams
  • Read whenever you can – YES we are talking about those set workbooks here
  • Keep the balance – find time to exercise, relax and socialise!