Why you should complete a Career Personality Type Indicator at UniCollege


Not sure what to study after you leave school? Uncertain about what career path you would enjoy? Perhaps you are already on a career path that doesn’t fulfil you and you would like to make a change? A Career Profile Type Indicator (CPTI) will provide you with the kind of direction you need! And it’s free at UniCollege.

The CPTI is a short interest questionnaire designed to assist you in the making of a sound career choice. It will help you learn about yourself and your educational and life/career choices.

It consists of two sections that will lead to your finding a personalised career code. It is based upon the theory that people can be loosely classified into six different groups: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC).

Many high school leavers have an idea of what they would like to study and the CPTI offers confirmation that they are on the right track with their study choice. In other scenarios, learners have no idea what to study and once they have completed a CPTI, are inspired and excited about the study/career opportunities the CPTI highlights for them.

The CPTI offers a wide variety of careers for a specific personality profile and we guide prospective students in terms of the study opportunities UniCollege has to offer. You will receive a printed handout of your CPTI results after your 1-to-1 career feedback with a Student Adviser.

We have a very low percentage drop-out rate at UniCollege. We believe that this is in part due to the role that the CPTI plays in the study decision-making process, and the career guidance students receive from our experienced student advisers.

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