UniCollege lecturer with passion for photography


When you walk into Piet Sparks’ studio, Sparks Photography in Monument, you might think that you are entering a photography museum. In his 30 year career, Piet has collected over 350 old cameras, camera equipment and projectors.

His interest in photography began when he helped his father out in the studio his father started in 1960! Piet would earn pocket money accompanying his father to various functions and it was his responsibility to put the film in the camera. Later he completed a National Diploma in Photography.

During his career, Piet has enjoyed doing photography for the advertising industry. His hobby is to photograph landscapes. Now he does anything from studio photography to taking photos at school events.

UniCollege learners benefit from his vast experience and passion when he lectures on our 10 week Photography programme. Classes are held on Saturdays and field trips form part of the learning experience.

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