UniCollege launches Workplace Readiness Programme


In July 2018, we introduced the Workplace Readiness Programme aimed at providing students with the necessary soft skills to enter the workplace. The skills covered in the programme are key in assisting students to succeed in their studies and ensure they are employable.

Students attend a compulsory workshop in each of their semesters (N4, N5 and N6). The workshops have been designed to bridge the gap between learning and ultimately earning a salary.

Organisations are often overwhelmed with young entrants who do not have the necessary soft skills to perform effectively and have to embark on further training for these individuals. At UniCollege, we provide students with these skills including topics such as creativity, critical thinking and writing, business etiquette and ethics, motivation and negotiation skills, how to communicate effectively and what to expect in a business environment.

Students who possess qualities such as punctuality, a good work ethic and a cooperative attitude are respected by colleagues and management. We aim to produce confident graduates with the ability to pursue opportunities in the workplace.