Tourism Diploma

Full Time

If you are passionate about the world of travel, enjoy meeting people and want to work in an industry where every day is different, then a career in tourism is for you. To succeed in this dynamic industry, you need to be well organised, detail-oriented and have good communication skills.

Travel and tourism is a growth industry in South Africa and internationally for both individual and business travel. You can choose to be based in an office, booking flights and organising accommodation; working in central reservations or hotel reception; or outdoors ensuring the smooth running of tour groups and events.

This is an intense programme with face-to-face tuition given only by qualified and experienced lecturers. UniCollege has also added an externally affiliated module – Amadeus – which is required by the industry in South Africa. The 18-month practical component of this course allows learners to gain valuable work experience.

Career Opportunities

This programme develops learners to enter specialist and management positions within the travel and tourism industry such as:

  • Travel agent or consultant
  • Tour operator
  • Destination management specialist
  • Incentive travel consultant
  • Rental agent
  • Tourism development officer
  • Tour guide
  • Customer service manager
  • Travel and tourism entrepreneur
  • Tourist information officer
  • Tourist information centre manager
  • Airline reservations
  • Travel and tourism marketer
  • Event management
  • Hotel reception
  • Hotel manager
  • Travel agency manager
Course Outline

National Certificate: N4

  • Travel Office Procedures N4: Office administration • Marketing and sales
  • Tourism Communication N4: The communication process • Successful human relations • Etiquette • Cross-cultural communication • Written communication
  • Travel Services N4: The travel industry: terminology and tourism bodies and organisations • Passenger services: airport facilities, in-flight facilities, baggage requirements, customs regulations, transiting passengers • Travel documents: passports, visas, permits, health documents • Reservations: IATA city/airport/airline code, travel manuals, connecting times, fare quotations, general reservation rules, making a reservation
  • Tourist Destinations N4: You will compile a portfolio to showcase South Africa, it’s main tourist regions and neighbouring countries as tourist destinations. Your portfolio will include • Location, airport cities, geography, practical travel information, climate, political structure, economic activities, unique character, accessibility, tour operators, shopping, annual events, main tourist attractions • Planning tours/itineraries to match a client profile • Map work
  • Computer Skills for Windows & Office: Working in Windows • Working with documents in Microsoft Word • Using spreadsheets in Excel

National Certificate: N5

  • Travel Office Procedures N5: Entrepreneurship • Accounting principles • Financial recordkeeping
  • Tourism Communication N5: Dealing with enquiries, complaints and conflict • Written communication • Presentations • Advertising • Organisational communication
  • Travel Services N5: Industry organisations • Baggage • Domestic Fares • Air tickets • Credit cards and electronic documents • Refunds • Point-to-point fares
  • Tourist Destinations N5: You will expand on your portfolio to also include Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. You will also focus on 3 of the following countries: Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Uganda, Kenya and Morocco.

National Certificate: N6

  • Travel Office Procedures N6: Tourism Law • Human Resources • Tourism career opportunities
  • Hotel Reception N6: Hotel organization • The hotel receptionist • Reception • Legal aspects
  • Travel Services N6: Event management • Car hire • Foreign currency • Travel insurance • Special international travel (rail, ferry and cruise) • Tour planning and
  • Tourist Destinations N6: You will add the following tourist destinations and their main tourist regions to your travel portfolio: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Middle East, United States of America
  • Amadeus (UniCollege only): Comprehensive training on all functionalities of the Amadeus Reservations system including: Accessing the Amadeus Central system • Amadeus information system and online help • Flight availability, schedule and timetable displays • Create and modify a passenger name record (PNR) • Pricing an itinerary • E-Ticketing • Graphic introduction to cars, hotels and customer profiles
Accreditation and Certification

Students write national examinations which are set and administered by the DHET.

Successful students achieve the following which is conferred and issued by the DHET:

  • National Certificate: N4 Tourism (SAQA ID: 66910)
  • National Certificate: N5 Tourism (SAQA ID: 66978)
  • National Certificate: N6 Tourism (SAQA ID: 67013)

Once you have successfully achieved all three N4-N6 certificates and have worked for 18 months (minimum of 2000 hours) in a tourism environment, your logbook will be submitted to the DHET. Once you receive DHET approval, you will qualify to receive the highly respected National N Diploma: Tourism (SAQA ID: 67051).

Qualifying learners will also receive, subject to passing the necessary external and internal exams:

  • Amadeus Certificate
  • UniCollege Short Programme Certificate in Computer Skills for Windows & Office
Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or equivalent

Course Factsheet