Transferable Skills


Ever heard this term before? These are skills and competencies that can be used in all jobs – they are often not taught but can be learnt. Having these skills and competencies will set you apart from other job applicants in today’s tough job market.

What are these transferable skills exactly?

  • Leadership – do you ask for extra responsibility? Do people look up to you? Do you move others forward and not just yourself? That’s leadership.
  • Team Work – can you work together with others on projects, do you offer assistance before it is asked for?
  • Problem Solving – do you constantly just see the problem or do you think of possible solutions?
  • Organisation – always know what you are doing, be one step ahead of the rest.
  • Communication – always have open lines of communication and listen to avoid miscommunication.
  • Self-awareness – know your own capabilities, be confident in your abilities, challenge yourself but know your boundaries.
  • Motivation and enthusiasm – motivate not only yourself but those around you too.
  • Initiative – think for yourself.
  • Flexibility – don’t do too rigid in what tasks you willing to do and the hours you are prepared to work. Be flexible and learn to adjust.

Developing these skills will come in very useful when growing your career. UniCollege runs affordable workshops that teach these and other key transferable skills. Click here to view all our Workshops.