Top 5 tips for studying while working full-time


1. Create a plan. Record all your class times, assessment and examination dates on your calendar. Also split up any reading you need to do over the duration of your course.

2. Inform your employer. Let your employer know what you are up to. Get their attention by showing them how serious you are about your job. If you can make a few sacrifices in terms of holidays and breaks, it should be easier to negotiate a more study-friendly environment at work.

3. Make time for yourself. Try and schedule at least 30 minutes of each day doing something that you enjoy to reduce stress.

4. Find a study zone. Set up or find an ideal spot to study. This could be at a desk at home or find a quiet coffee shop or library in your area.

5. Make a small sacrifice every day and avoid procrastinating. The easiest would be to cut back on an hour of TV each day. You will be surprised how your studies will start to flow if you just give them a chance.

UniCollege enrols around 1 000 part-time students a year, most of whom already hold down full-time jobs. Our team understands the extra pressures studying part-time adds to already busy lives and we try and streamline the process as much as possible and deal with queries promptly. We take our hats off to these students for their commitment to successfully completing their courses.