Things I wish I had known when I left high school…


Yippee!!!!! 12 years of school have finally come to an end. Exciting? Daunting? Confusing? You are not alone.

It’s normal not to know what you want to do

How can you be expected to know @ 17 or 18 what you want to do with the rest of your life? Studies show the average person changes careers 5 – 7 times during their life. For all you know, your future job does not exist now. The most important thing is to be motivated, open minded and willing to learn.

Careers don’t define you

Too often we get swayed by the prestige of certain occupations – be true to yourself and follow your passion, no job is inferior to another.

There is more than one road to the same destination

You may be disappointed when you receive your final results – this does not mean you won’t be successful – good results will give you more options initially, but in the long run no one will remember your marks – they will remember your skills.

Don’t be influenced

It’s common for students to choose a study institution because their parents went there or their friends are going there. Sometimes the best for you is not there. Be daring, experience life beyond your parents and friends.

Time is precious

Nothing wrong with taking a gap year, but use it wisely. Do casual jobs, volunteer, travel, gain a skill set. You might not have a great epiphany this year but it should enrich your life.

The end of High School is not the end of learning, in fact it is only the start. There is a long road ahead, full of twists and turns, often taking you round in circles. This is what a career and life is all about. Work hard, gain knowledge and skills, never sit back but LOVE the ride!