The most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now (July 2021)


In order to offer our students the best selection of qualifications, we keep a keen eye on the current job market.

According to the latest CareerJunction jobs survey, the following skills are most in-demand right now:

  • Software development: Demand for software developers has been growing since January. Comparing May 2021 with January 2021, demand increased by 38%.
  • Middle/Department management: Department managers remain high in demand. Year-on-year, demand for middle and department managers increased by 76%.
  • Representative/Sales consulting: Demand for sales representatives is showing consistent growth. Since May 2020, demand for sales consultants has grown by 69%.

If you are wondering which fields offer the most competitive prospects (the demand for skills is more than the supply), then you should be looking at careers in:

(We’ve included links to our courses in these fields to help you find the right one for you)

A particularly important consideration when choosing a career is what salary you can expect to earn per month. Here are some average salary offerings for intermediate positions in these fields across major provinces:

Business Analysis

  • GP R45,694 to R56,104 p.m.
  • WC R42,910 to R53,247 p.m.
  • KZN Not available

Representative / Sales Consulting

  • GP R15,067 to R22,253 p.m.
  • WC R17,427 to R22,476 p.m.
  • KZN R15,067 to R21,167 p.m.

Software Development

  • GP R48,442 to R65,604 p.m.
  • WC R45,012 to R56,685 p.m.
  • KZN R42,755 to R55,882 p.m.

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