The Benefits of Adult Learning


It is wonderful that in the 21st century, the career you start your adult life with doesn’t have to be the career path you stick with. You can always decide at a later stage to pursue a different path and create better opportunities for yourself. What is even better is that you can study part-time while you work.

If you do choose to stick within your industry and skillset, there is always room to improve and move up the employment ladder. Also consider that your industry is always changing and there’s a reason to always improve your skills and keep your brain active.

Here are some benefits of adult/mature learning:

  • The money you make from working while studying could help to cover the cost of your fees, study material and extra expenses. No big student debt to worry about! Short courses are affordable (and UniCollege offers easy payment plans!)
  • Working and studying part-time teaches you to manage your time which is a valuable skill that you can list on your CV. Employers are looking for people who are proactive and willing to work hard to achieve their goals.
  • Studying part-time gives you the advantage over your colleagues who aren’t and offers the opportunity for career development. Make sure your boss knows that you are embarking on additional study so they are aware that you are eager to advance your career.
  • Campus-life will help you break out of your comfort zone. Being around a new group of people who are equally driven and eager to learn is truly motivating!
  • You will rediscover skills you forgot you had, qualities that set you apart, passions that drive you and you will get to achieve some lifelong personal goals.
  • You will meet new people and broaden your network.
  • Mature students tend to be highly motivated and have a better opportunity to succeed at their studies than their younger counterparts

The World Economic Forum has declared that “individuals’ mindset and efforts will be key… for people to become creative, curious, agile lifelong learners, comfortable with continuous change.” The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is expected to outperform humans by 203, means that the ability to reapply your skills to a new industry or learn new ones quickly will become key to your employability.

Robots also don’t get sick, need leave or rest so the pressure is on for us to find new ways to do jobs that AI can’t!