It’s time to learn how to TouchType


Most of us spend a large chunk of our time responding to emails, writing documents and google-searching. The quicker we type, the faster we can do all of the above. So to be more productive, why not invest just 3 hours a week to learn this underrated skill! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Spend less time scanning the keyboard for that elusive letter and more time looking at the screen evaluating what you are (touch)typing.

Focus on the content of what you are typing instead of the act of typing. Each time you have to look down at the keyboard, you break or slow down your train of thought. Then you need to look up again and refocus on the computer screen. This is tiring on your eyes and wastes time. Let your brilliant thoughts flow!

And by watching what is appearing on the screen as you type, you can quickly spot and correct any errors you make.

Turn your 2 fingers into 10 and give those index fingers a break! Initially it will feel slower but practice makes perfect and it’s something you will be practising daily for the rest of your working life.

Our part-time TouchTyping course runs over 12 weeks on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours. Click here for more info.