IT Engineering graduate ready to succeed


Gerhard Pretorius shares his experience of UniCollege…
“I thoroughly enjoyed my two-year IT course at UniCollege. I learned a lot, grew as a person and socialised with students from different backgrounds and cultures. I was also honoured to be a member of the SRC. This was an awesome time as it was the beginning of my life as an adult.

I was prepared to work hard and was rewarded with good results. The classroom environment was very pleasant and there was lots of student participation. My facilitators were always available to assist me with patience and encouragement.

At the moment I am self employed as this gives me the opportunity to continue with my studies. In my work, I’m able to implement the knowledge I gained at UniCollege and feel that I’m succeeding. My long term dream is to go and work abroad as a top IT technician and one day become a facilitator myself.

I would definitely recommend this course for the technical enthusiast who is up for a challenge and wants to stand out as the best.”

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