IT Programming (Coding)

Full Time

Our one-year programme will give you practical skills and hands-on programming experience in various languages. You’ll become confident using Microsoft Visual Studio as this is where you’ll do most of your coding.

Our aim is to make you an effective programmer with problem solving skills and a thorough understanding of the process of development from start to finish. You will write various codes during the course to make up a personal portfolio which showcases your skills.

We’ll also prepare you to succeed in the external Microsoft examinations.

Entrance Requirements
  • Communication and numeracy skills at NQF level 4 or Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Basic skills in Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Computer Science or Maths will be beneficial
Career Opportunities

You will be prepared for many career opportunities in the IT industry, including:

  • Software developer
  • Web administrator
  • Programmer
  • Database developer
  • Software engineer
  • Database analyst
  • Solutions specialist
  • Web integration specialist
  • Web developer
Course Outline
  • Basic Raspberry Pi training using Python (including Robotics)
  • core
  • Introduction to React
  • C# Fundamentals (Console)
  • Customer Service and Management
  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Database Administration Fundamentals
  • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
  • Intro to Programming in Python
  • Intro to Programming using JavaScript
  • Intro to Programming using HTML and CSS
  • Intro to Programming using Java
Accreditation and Certification

Successful students will receive the following internationally recognised certification:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Software Development Fundamentals
  • MTA: Database Administration Fundamentals
  • MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming in Python
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming using JavaScript
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming using Java
Course Factsheet