Introduction to PCs & Windows

Part Time

Today, you need computer skills to communicate, find employment, get access to information and to carry out many daily tasks that make your life easier.

If you are a beginner, this part-time course will teach you basic computer skills and how to do common tasks in Microsoft Windows. You do not need to have any background knowledge or experience in computers.

Learners who do not have access to a PC can use the Resource Centre at UniCollege to practice.

Entrance Requirements

Knowledge, comprehension and application of English at Grade 10 level or equivalent

Who should attend?
  • Anyone who wants to learn computer literacy skills and gain a basic understanding of how computers and Microsoft Windows works
  • Beginners who want to continue their studies towards further UniCollege IT qualifications
Course Outline
  • Identify the parts of a personal computer (PC)
  • Sign in to Windows and navigate the start screen
  • Basic mouse and keyboarding skills
  • Using Windows store apps and navigation features
  • Navigate the desktop
  • Create and modify files with desktop applications
  • Typing, formatting, editing and saving documents in WordPad
  • Use window controls and the taskbar to manage open windows
  • Create folders and name them
  • Copy and delete folders
Accreditation and Certification

On attending all of the lectures, you will receive a UniCollege Certificate of Attendance in Introduction to PCs & Windows.

Course Factsheet