Computer Skills for Windows & Office

Part Time

This short programme is designed for learners who have little computer literacy. You will be taught basic computer concepts and skills including Windows techniques and the basics of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Learners who do not have access to a PC can use the UniCollege Resource Centre to practice.

Entrance Requirements
  • English at Grade 10 or equivalent
  • If you have never worked on a PC before, we advise you to first attend the UniCollege course in Introduction to PCs & Windows
Course Outline


  • Getting started with personal computers
  • Using Windows and applications
  • Changing settings
  • Managing files and folders using Windows

Microsoft Word

  • Creating and saving documents
  • Navigation techniques
  • Move and copy text
  • Formatting text and paragraphs
  • Using tools and adding tables
  • Inserting graphic objects
  • Printing a document

Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Working with data
  • Formatting a worksheet
  • Performing basic calculations
  • Modifying a worksheet
  • Printing worksheets
Accreditation and Certification

Upon successful completion of this course and the internal assessments, learners will be awarded the UniCollege Short Programme Certificate in Computer Skills for Windows & Office.

Course Factsheet