How to Ask for a Raise or Promotion - and Get Results!


As you progress in your career, a promotion or a raise becomes a natural aspiration – but approaching your employer to discuss this can be scary! To help you navigate this important conversation with confidence, we’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare.

1. Assess Your Performance

Before initiating the conversation, objectively evaluate your performance and contributions to the company. Make a list of your achievements, completed projects, and any additional responsibilities you've taken on since your last evaluation. Having a clear understanding of your value to the organisation will bolster your confidence during the discussion.
2. Research Salary and Benefits

Do some research to understand the market rate for your position and the typical salary increase or benefits that accompany a promotion. Websites like Careers24 and industry-specific salary surveys can provide valuable insights. This data will help you set realistic expectations and ensure your request aligns with industry standards.

3. Choose the Right Time and Place

Timing is crucial. Request a meeting with your supervisor during a period of relative calm and when they can dedicate time to discuss your career progression. Avoid approaching them during busy periods or immediately after a company setback. Choose a private and comfortable setting where both you and your supervisor can have an uninterrupted conversation.

4. Demonstrate Your Value

During the meeting, confidently highlight your accomplishments and the positive impact you've made on the company. Emphasise how your skills and efforts have contributed to the company's success. Use specific examples to illustrate your achievements, and provide evidence of your increased responsibilities and performance improvements.

5. Be Clear and Specific

Clearly state your intention to seek a promotion or a raise. Be specific about the position you are interested in or the salary increase you are requesting. Providing clear and concise information will make it easier for your supervisor to understand and consider your request.

6. Express Your Future Goals

Demonstrate your commitment to the company's long-term success by expressing your aspirations for continued growth within the organisation. Talk about the skills you want to develop and how a promotion or raise will allow you to contribute even more.

7. Be Open to Feedback

Your supervisor may need time to review your request and gather additional information. Be open to receiving feedback and consider any suggestions for improvement they may offer. A willingness to learn and grow will demonstrate your dedication and professionalism.

Good luck on your journey to advancement!

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