Getting ahead at work


Do you feel like you’re working hard but it’s been months or even years since you’ve had a promotion or any recognition of sorts? If this sounds familiar, here are the 8 most common reasons why you might not be getting ahead and what you can do about it immediately.

#1 – You are not confident

Make sure your confidence comes through in your actions & words at work. Focus on 1 thing, be it your posture, your voice or your dress code that will make you appear more confident.

#2 – You do not have an owner mindset

Do you simply do your work and expect to get paid? Do you just follow the general guidelines & expect to be rewarded? Think of yourself as a company owner – stay away from gossip, do not complain, express the positives of the company often – and you will be seen entirely differently.

#3 – You think small and have no strategic vision

Do you understand the company vision & mission? Do you strive to achieve it or are you only concerned with your own work? Think bigger, look at your overall contributions & then ask yourself to connect the dots between what you do & what matters most to your company.

#4 – You correct people in public

Everyone makes mistakes, never correct them in public – always be your colleagues’ & boss’s number 1 supporter.

#5 – You get defensive when you get constructive feedback

A natural reaction to criticism is defence but it’s a definite career advancement killer. Request feedback and always use it as an opportunity to listen & learn.

#6 – You do not have a good relationship with your boss

Your boss is the primary gatekeeper to you getting noticed. If you don’t like your boss, start liking him/her fast or get a new one. This is as simple as it gets. Ask yourself – what can I do differently tomorrow to make my relationship with my boss better & stronger.

#7 – You expect your work to speak for itself – it doesn’t! You do!

You speak for your work, your skills & your talents and if you don’t, nobody will. You need to not only speak for what you have done but also how much value it brings to the company. Schedule 1 on 1 conversations with your boss, talk about recent accomplishments & their impact on the team & organisation.

#8 – You complain, gossip or have a bad attitude

The number 1 career suicide mistake is an attitude of complaining, gossiping & a sense of entitlement. Even if this happens only occasionally, you are sabotaging all your hard work.