Fun Project Management Tips to Help You Manage Projects Successfully


Project Management is one of the most versatile skills you can acquire. These skills can be applied to almost any industry and certainly to any project you may be tasked with at work. Managing work projects effectively is crucial for success and UniCollege offers excellent training in Project Management to broaden your skills and knowledge.

Here are some fun project management and workplace tips to help you and your team stay organised and motivated:

  • Start with a kickoff party. Begin your project by hosting a kickoff party or team building activity. This sets a positive and enthusiastic tone for the project, helps team members get to know each other better, and fosters a sense of camaraderie.
  • Use visual tools. Visual aids, such as project boards or virtual collaboration platforms, can make project management more engaging and interactive. Try using tools like Kanban boards or Gantt charts to visually represent tasks, progress and deadlines.
  • Set milestones and celebrate achievements. Break down your project into milestones and celebrate each one as they are accomplished. Recognise the efforts and achievements of team members with small rewards, certificates, or even a team outing. This keeps everyone motivated and excited about reaching the next milestone.
  • Gamify tasks and goals. Turn project tasks into a game by creating challenges, competitions, or leaderboards. This adds an element of fun and healthy competition among team members, driving them to excel and complete their tasks more efficiently.
  • Organise themed meetings. Inject some fun into your project meetings by organising themed sessions. For example, have a "crazy hat" meeting where everyone wears interesting hats, or a "bring your pet" meeting where team members introduce their furry friends. This can make meetings more enjoyable and build a positive team atmosphere.
  • Celebrate project completion. When the project is successfully completed, take the time to celebrate as a team. Hold a project completion party, recognise individual and team achievements, and reflect on lessons learned. This helps create a sense of accomplishment and sets a positive tone for future projects.

While these tips can add an element of fun to project management, it's essential to strike a balance between enjoyment and delivering high-quality results. Effective project management requires a combination of technical skills, leadership abilities, and effective communication.

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