From stay-at-home mom to working woman!


Palesa was a stay-at-home mom when she decided she wanted to start working and be someone her kids could look up to. She registered for the UniCollege Certificate in Office Administration and then completed the UniCollege Executive Personal Assistant course afterwards.

She says, “I am currently working in the finance department as Financial Administrator for a private company. Even though I don’t work as a PA, I’m still able to apply the skills I acquired at UniCollege in this position.

“I recommend the Executive PA course for anyone that has a vibrant personality, a friendly smile, able to communicate well and who is always up for a challenge!

“UniCollege fees are affordable even when you don’t have a full-time job. The lecturers are patient with the learners and willing to make time for an individual. The study material is user-friendly and easy to understand. UniCollege has Saturday classes for those that are not able to attend on week days.”

We are inspired by Palesa’s story and wish her well in the world of work.