Finding My Legal Career Path Thanks to UniCollege


As a matric pupil, most students know where and what they want to study after school, but I was not one of those. Straight after writing my matric finals I was offered a job as a filing clerk in a law company that deals with debt consolidation. As the new year began, I had not yet received my matric results and I knew I didn't want to spend a whole year drawing lines on files and filing. So I enrolled in the part-time Legal Administration course at UniCollege. This allowed me to work and earn a salary during the week while attending classes on Saturdays. This helped me to gain more knowledge and skills in legal administration.

Through the guidance and teaching of wonderful course lecturers, my knowledge and experience grew so much that by the middle of the year, I was promoted to personal assistant to my boss. Not only did the course allow me to progress in my work field, but it has given me such a love for the legal field that I am currently studying to become a paralegal through UniCollege as well. I am grateful for the direction that UniCollege gave me and would recommend the college to anyone seeking further education.