Engineering (Civil) N Diploma

Full Time

Our Civil Engineering programme will give you the skills and knowledge to work in the design, construction and maintenance of residential and industrial buildings as well as public infrastructure such as bridges, roads, canals and dams.

Civil Engineering is concerned with maintaining and improving the world around us and increasing the quality of life for present and future generations.

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Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or equivalent

Career Opportunities

This programme will prepare you for many career opportunities in the field of civil engineering such as:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
Course Outline

National Certificate N4

  • Building and Structural Construction N4
  • Building and Structural Surveying N4
  • Mathematics N4
  • Supervisory Management N4
  • Engineering Science N4

National Certificate N5

  • Building and Structural Construction N5
  • Building and Structural Surveying N5
  • Supervisory Management N5
  • Mathematics N5

National Certificate N6

  • Building and Structural Construction N6
  • Building and Structural Surveying N6
  • Supervisory Management N6
  • Mathematics N6
Accreditation and Certification

Students write national examinations which are set and administered by the DHET. Successful students achieve the following certification which is conferred and issued by the DHET:

  • National Certificate: N4 Engineering Studies (SAQA ID: 66881)
  • National Certificate: N5 Engineering Studies (SAQA ID: 66960)
  • National Certificate: N6 Engineering Studies (SAQA ID: 67005)

Once you have successfully achieved all three N4-N6 certificates and have worked for 2 years (minimum of 2 670 hours) in an engineering environment, your logbook will be submitted to the DHET.

Once you receive DHET approval, you will qualify to receive the highly respected National N Diploma: Engineering Studies (SAQA ID: 67043).

Course Factsheet