Educare National Diploma

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Become a qualified Educare Teacher and shape young minds with passion and purpose!

If you enjoy working with children and shaping young minds, are passionate about children’s education and psychology, and are excited about creating interesting, stimulating and fun activities for children, then look no further.

Qualified Educare teachers and Early Child Development (ECD) practitioners are very much in demand in South Africa and worldwide.

On completion of this course, you will have an excellent understanding of the key areas necessary to succeed as an Educare provider, including:

  • The stages of child development: physical, cognitive, social and emotional milestones
  • Prioritising the children's health and safety through safe sleep practices, nutrition, hygiene and creating a hazard-free environment
  • Building positive relationships with children and families through effective communication, active listening, and a supportive and inclusive environment
  • Observing children's behavior and play, and identifying areas that need additional support
  • Curriculum planning and age-appropriate activities that encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking in a stimulating learning environment.
Who should attend?

This national diploma qualification is widely recognised and recommended for anyone who is currently working in or interested in finding employment in the Educare environment working with young children.

Career Opportunities

This programme will prepare you for many career opportunities in teaching and ECD, including:

  • Pre-school teacher or assistant teacher
  • Play group practitioner
  • Day care manager
  • Au pair
  • Health care assistant
  • Entrepreneur
Course Outline

National Certificate: N4

  • Education N4
    The whole-child approach • Aspects of learning and memory • Educational approach to children with special intellectual needs
  • Day care personnel development N4
    Day care systems in South Africa • Layout of buildings and facilities • Programme planning • General administrative work • Administrative structures • Self-image development • Human relations • Interviews • Planning and organising a function
  • Educare didactics: theory & practical N4
    Layout of the baby section (nursery) – centre and home-based • Educational play and toys • Written planning • Observation of babies (birth to 18 months)
  • Child health N4
    Health of the young child (birth to 6 years) • Physical aspects of the young child • Nutrition • Care of the young child

National Certificate: N5

  • Day care communication N5
    Concepts of communication • Language skills • Correspondence and written work • Textual studies: Fiction, non-fiction, films and videos • Creative writing • Study skills and question-and-answer techniques
  • Educational psychology N5
    Social and moral theories and personality development • Developing communication skills • The educarer and the child: developing life skills
  • Educare didactics: theory & practical N5
    Layout of the toddler section • Activities for toddlers 18 months - 3 years • Written planning • Observation 18 months - 3 years • Literature and language activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers 18 months - 6 years • Environmental studies 3-6 years • Open plan presentation
  • Entrepreneurship & business management N4
    The challenges of entrepreneurship • Creativity and idea generation • Market feasibility study • Financial feasibility study • Introduction to the Business Plan • Marketing, management and financial plans

National Certificate: N6

  • Day care communication N6
    Oral communication skills • Language skills • Reading and writing skills • Meetings, seminars and conferences • Textual studies: Fiction, non-fiction, films and videos • Journalism
  • Educational psychology N6
    Behaviour problems • Different teaching approaches for the pre-school child • School maturity and school readiness
  • Educare didactics: theory & practical N6
    Observation 3-6 years • Educational play 3-6 years • Environmental studies • History background for the Educarer: South Africa, our people and our land • Movement activities 3-6 years
  • Day care management N6
    Food management • Financial management and stock control • Staff management and training • Administrative management • Dealing with the health and safety needs of children • Management aids • Legislation and registration • Office documentation and filing • Parent involvement
Accreditation and Certification

You will write national examinations set by the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET). Successful students will achieve the following certification which is issued by the DHET:

  • National Certificate: N4 Educare (SAQA ID: 66883)
  • National Certificate: N5 Educare (SAQA ID: 66971)
  • National Certificate: N6 Educare (SAQA ID: 67007)

Once you have achieved all three N4-N6 certificates and have worked for 18 months (minimum of 2000 hours) in the educare or pre-primary environment, your logbook is submitted to the DHET. On receiving DHET approval, you will receive the highly respected National N Diploma: Educare (SAQA ID: 67050).

You can then apply to be registered as an educator with the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or equivalent

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