Business Management course pays dividends in the workplace


Monique Coetzee shares her experience in the workplace…”After completing my Business Management qualification through UniCollege, I ventured into the BIG business world. I was not nervous at all knowing that I was equipped with sound hands-on management skills. I landed a great job at a corporate gifting company as a key accounts manager – we source and brand pretty much anything a client can imagine from pens, shirts, bags, food items, homeware to electronics.

It can get pretty stressful at times because there are tight deadlines, but I cope really well as UniCollege prepared us for situations like these by instilling discipline and adherence to deadlines throughout our studies.

Dealing with suppliers can sometimes be a challenge as they don’t always understand your exact requirements or the urgency. When faced with these situations, I always think back to “communication 101” as we used to call it and find a way through.

To all the students out there…stick with your studies! A qualification through UniCollege will definitely put you on the path to success in the business world. Good Luck!”

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