Social Media Marketing

Part Time

Create awareness of your brand, reach new audiences, and increase engagement and sales.

Social media has made marketing your business more accessible than ever. You may have already set up the relevant accounts, but how do you get the most out of the various platforms?

In our short course, you will learn the skills to create a successful social media strategy and campaign. We cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp for Business.

From choosing the right social media platform for your objectives, you will also learn how to target your campaigns to reach the right audience, develop compelling content and creative visuals, and measure and analyse results.

Who should attend?
  • Marketing managers wanting to develop their social media skills
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to market their businesses online
  • Those keen to identify the missing link that will connect them with their customers and clients
  • Public relations practitioners, brand custodians, digital marketing staff and sales professionals eager to strengthen their social media marketing skills
Course Outline
  • Introduction to social media strategy
  • Social media lingo
  • Choosing your target audience carefully
  • Collecting data, maintaining privacy and implementing the POPI Act
  • Developing compelling content and creative visuals
  • The importance of iterating campaigns
  • Optimising social advertising for long-term success
  • Integration and management
  • Analysing insights and measuring performance
  • Ethics in social media management
  • E-mail marketing
Accreditation and Certification

Upon successful completion of the study programme and internal assessments, students will be awarded the UniCollege Short Programme Certificate in Social Media Marketing..

Entrance Requirements
  • English and Mathematics at Grade 10 or equivalent
  • Computer skills in Windows
  • Experience using social media for personal use
Part-Time Factsheet