Marketing Management Diploma

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Gain the marketing skills and knowledge to drive business success!

The success of almost any business depends largely on the effectiveness of its marketing plans and strategy. This nationally recognised Diploma in Marketing Management will give you a broad knowledge of marketing and an understanding of the fundamental principles for effective marketing, marketing communication and sales management.

Marketing Managers work to ensure a company is profitable by gaining new customers, expanding the customer base, building the company's reputation and improving customer interactions.

Our value-added programme also gives you valuable digital marketing skills using practical tools to connect with customers, reach prospective customers and generate leads online.

Who should attend?

The knowledge and skills learnt are applicable to a wide range of industries and business careers. This programme is ideal for:

  • Those who want to work in the marketing field
  • Those currently working in marketing who want to get a nationally recognised qualification and underpin their experience with knowledge
Career Opportunities

The knowledge and skills learnt are applicable to a wide range of careers in marketing and business. You will be prepared for career opportunities in the following fields:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Branding
  • Marketing consulting
  • Distribution
  • Entrepreneur
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer service
  • Direct marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Product development
  • Public relations
  • Purchasing management
  • Call centre agent
Course Outline

View more detailed subject outlines below.

National Certificate: N4

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4: Creativity and idea generation • Market and financial feasibility study • Marketing, management & financial plans • Presentation & evaluation of business plan • Introduction to management • Personal (self) management • Ethics/social responsibility • Operations management • Strategy and competitive advantage • Buying an existing business • Franchising business
  • Marketing Management N4: The fundamental principles of marketing • The marketing environment • The South African consumer market • Market segmentation and positioning • Marketing information and research
  • Management Communication N4: Basic communication principles • Interpersonal relationships • Job interviews and meeting procedures • Language usage and oral communication • Concise communication • Business letters and reports
  • Computer Practice N4: Intro to computers • Keyboarding • System software • Text manipulation • Spreadsheets
  • Digital Marketing Essentials (full-time): Intro to Digital Marketing: Digital channels, audience research, 360 digital marketing campaign, buyer journey stages • Content Marketing: Types of content, qualities of effective content, community management, competitor content analysis, content calendar, content creation, content scheduling techniques and tools • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing benefits, influential social media platforms, key terminology, best social media account practices, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, growing and engaging an audience, sharing stories, video content, hashtag usage • Creating and Optimizing Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing (part-time): Getting started with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and WhatsApp for Business • Choosing your target audience • Developing compelling content and creative visuals • Creating a successful social media campaign • Measuring campaign results • E-mail marketing

National Certificate: N5

  • Marketing Management N5: Product and service policy • Distribution policy • Price policy • Promotion policy
  • Sales Management N5: Nature and extent of personal sales • Sales forecasts and quotas • Sales territories and types of sales • Improvement of personal effectiveness
  • Mercantile Law N4: Introduction to the Law • Law of contract and contract of sale • Credit agreements • Lease of immovable property • Contracts of service• Negotiable instruments
  • Public Relations N5: The PR practitioner and the PR process • Internal communication • Social skills and protocol • The media and media relations • Interpersonal relationships • Corporate identity
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Optimisation (full-time): Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO fundamentals, SERP (search engine results pages), keywords, SEO audit, optimise organic search ranking, measuring SEO performance • Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads: Paid search benefits, Google Ads best practice, SEO keyword research, search campaign management and measurement • YouTube and Display Advertising: Fundamentals of display and video advertising, creating and managing a YouTube Channel, Google Display Network and video ad formats, creating and targeting display and video campaigns, measurement and optimisation • Email Marketing: Legislation and regulations, Email Service Providers, contact databases, email writing and design, Call-to-Actions (CTAs), creating an effective email campaign, testing and optimising an email campaign, key campaign measurement metrics • Websites: Key components of web design, publishing a basic website, design principles and website copy, user-centered design • Google Analytics (GA): Web analytics fundamentals, creating and configuring a GA account, setting goals with GA, analyzing and recording GA data

National Certificate: N6

  • Marketing Research N6: The research process and sources of info • The questionnaire and its launching • Using random sample tests in research • Analysis of data • Forecasting and question analysis • Reporting
  • Sales Management N6: Organisation of sales staff • Recruiting and screening of sales staff • Training of sales staff • Sales compensation • Evaluation of sales achievement
  • Marketing Communication N6: The role of marketing communication • Advertising media • Creating an advertisement • Launching an advertising campaign • Advertising research • Sales promotion • Publicity and public relations • Personal selling
  • Marketing Management N6: The management function of marketing • Industrial marketing • The marketing of services • International marketing
  • Graphic Design Essentials (full-time): Basic Design Theory: colour, composition, fonts, styles • Introduction to designing in CANVA • Video Content Creation for Social Media • Basic Cellphone Photography Theory: composition, basic technical skills, editing images for social and websites
Accreditation and Certification

Successful students receive the following qualifications which are issued by the DHET:

  • National Certificate: N4 Marketing Management (SAQA ID: 66872)
  • National Certificate: N5 Marketing Management (SAQA ID: 66952)
  • National Certificate: N6 Marketing Management (SAQA ID: 66996)

Once you have successfully achieved all three N4–N6 certificates and have worked for 18 months (minimum of 2000 hours) in a marketing or business environment, your logbook is submitted to the DHET.

On receiving DHET approval, you will qualify to receive the highly respected National N Diploma: Marketing Management (SAQA ID: 67037).

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or equivalent

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