Bernelee lands job at top hotel


Bernelee Fourie studied towards the National Diploma in Tourism with UniCollege. This is her fantastic story…

“During my studies, I got a holiday job with KC Roamers in the Kruger Park. This was what I was studying for and I wanted to begin my career in this exciting industry as soon as possible.” “After completing the theory component of my Diploma, I joined KC Roamers full-time. Time flew by and and my practical hours were adding up faster than I could have imagined, so I put a CV together and sent it to an agency. The response was immediate. I got a call to find out if I was interested in an interview at the Hyatt in Rosebank. The Hyatt has been voted as one of the best hotels in South Africa and this was a huge opportunity for me. My interview with the FOH manager went well and she asked me to meet the GM. A few days later I got the call to say I was successful and they made me an offer for Front of House Reservationist at this amazing hotel.”

“I truly believe that I got this job because of my studies. UniCollege gave us so much more than what many other institutions are offering. Subjects such as Hotel Reception and Amadeus put me ahead of many candidates I believe. The additional workshops that we had the opportunity to attend while studying at UniCollege such as ‘preparing for an interview’, ‘putting together a CV’ and ‘time management’ prepared me so well for this interview and position. My practical hours were closely tracked and monitored by UniCollege to ensure that I was getting relevant industry experience, ensuring that we are not only qualified on paper but 100% ready for our chosen industry.”

“I want to thank both UniCollege and KC Roamers for getting me to where I am today. I encourage anyone wanting to get into this industry to get a good qualification and to find an amazing company who will guide and mentor you during your practical hours to ensure you have valuable experience when you qualify.”

We are so excited for you Bernelee and wish you an exciting career in hospitality & tourism!