Touch Typing

Part Time

This short practical course will teach you how to touch type and the correct use of a keyboard. It is for learners with no experience of the computer keyboard or for those who usually type with two fingers.

You will gain valuable typing and keyboarding skills and improve your opportunities for employment in any computerised office or business environment.

Entrance Requirements

Knowledge, comprehension and application of English at NQF level 1/Grade 9 or equivalent

Course Outline
  • How to work and use the keyboard with correct posture
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the keyboard
  • Type words and sentences
  • Capitalisation, punctuation and numbers
  • The use of the numeric keypad
  • Speed and accuracy
Accreditation and Certification

A typing speed of 20 words per minute is needed to pass.

On successful completion of the study programme and internal assessments, you will be awarded the UniCollege Short Programme Certificate in Touch Typing. Your Certificate will reflect your final typing speed achieved.

Course Factsheet