Human Resource Management N Diploma


Start date: 17 Feb 2020
Duration: 18 months tuition
Class times:  Weekdays

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About this course

If you have a passion for people, understand systems and processes, and would like to be involved in empowering and contributing to an organisation and its staff, then this Diploma is for you! As an HR professional, you will be the key driver of important employee policies and practices within an organisation.

What you will learn

You will cover key topics in Human Resource Management (HRM) relating to the recruitment, selection, training, development, assessment and rewarding of employees. You will also understand organisational leadership and culture and how to ensure compliance with employment and labour laws.

The knowledge and skills learnt are applicable to a wide range of careers and industries, thus opening interesting and exciting opportunities for those who study HR.

Modules covered: Personnel Management, Personnel Training, Management Communication, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Computer Practice, Labour Relations and Mercantile Law.

Certification and accreditation

Once you have successfully achieved all three N4 – N6 certificates and have worked for 18 months (minimum of 2000 hours) in a business or HR environment, your logbook will be submitted to the DHET. Once you receive DHET approval, you will qualify to receive the highly respected National N Diploma: Human Resource Management (SAQA ID: 67039).