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how to study part-time when working full-time

Top 5 tips for studying while working full-time

1. Create a plan. Record all your class times, assessment and examination dates on your calendar. Also split up any reading you need to do over the duration of your course.

2. Inform your employer. Let your employer know what you are up to. Get their attention by showing them how serious you are about your job. If you can make a few sacrifices in terms of holidays and breaks, it should be easier to negotiate a more study-friendly environment at work. Read More

Get your National Diploma step-by-step

If you are looking for a more practical and vocational study path to follow, then you should consider studying towards a National Diploma. Recognised by industry and universities, the National N Diplomas are approved and issued by the National Department of Higher Education and Training in Pretoria. They cover the key competencies in each career field and include a practical on-the-job component.
To study towards a National N Diploma, you need to have passed your Grade 12. Read More

The long-term benefits of short courses

Short courses give you the opportunity to update your knowledge and skills in only a fraction of the time it would take to study a degree or other higher qualification. They build on your existing knowledge and qualifications and formalise skills you have gained in the workplace.

For working people, short courses offer flexibility and affordability. They can also be key in unlocking job prospects or new career ventures and are perfect for getting you motivated again. Read More

How to choose the right college?

Where should I study? Although people have different priorities when studying, there are some fundamental factors that everyone should consider.  Read More

Failing matric is not the end of the road…

The first thing you need to do is get over the shock – remember many others are in the same boat, you are not the first and most certainly won’t be the last.
Now you need to establish why you failed.  And here you need to be perfectly honest.  Did you really study hard enough?  Did you actively participate in all classes?  Read More

The best study session soundtrack

What’s the soundtrack to your study sessions? Forget rock, pop and RnB. If you’re aiming for top marks it’s time to switch on the classics! Studies have found that listening to classical music while hitting the books could help you stay alert and retain more information.

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Working smart in Matric

Your matric year should be the most magical – you can easily ace those final exams and at the same time keep your social life alive if you work smart!

Here are our top tips… Read More

Things I wish I had known when I left high school…

Yippee!!!!! 12 years of school have finally come to an end. Exciting? Daunting? Confusing? You are not alone.

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Transferable Skills

Ever heard this term before?  These are skills and competencies that can be used in all jobs – they are often not taught but can be learnt.  Having these skills and competencies will set you apart from other job applicants in today’s tough job market.

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Understanding your Matric results

You have reached the finish line. 12 years of trials and tribulations, tears, laughter, friends for life, tantrums, good memories but most of all lots and lots of hard work.  That final mark that appears on your matric report is ultimately what unlocks the door to your future.  But how exactly is it calculated?

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