About UniCollege

When an open mind meets an opportunity, the results are almost always positive. UniCollege’s quality education and high level of support encourages students to live life with a desire for knowledge and experience.

We offer quality full-time and part-time tuition as well as corporate training. This is supported by pre-enrolment assessment, student service and support, and ongoing study and career advice.

UniCollege is accredited with the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) as a QCTO Skills Development Provider (QCTO Nated 14/0052). UniCollege is also an approved tuition centre for Microsoft, CompTIA, ICB and Sage Pastel.

We believe in and uphold the principle of experiential learning. We do not believe in, or administer traditional lecture-type learning only in which the learner is a passive listener. Our classes are engaging, interactive and experiential, creating skills and instilling knowledge that is based on real understanding rather than theory alone.